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Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 2017 Ford Focus RS Review Exterior Interior Price Engine Competition Release Date

2016 2017 Ford Focus RS Review Exterior Interior Price Engine Competition Release Date

2016 2017 Ford Focus RS Review Exterior Interior Price Engine Competition Release Date
Ford Focus RS Exterior

2016 2017 Ford Focus RS Review Exterior Interior Price Engine Competition Release Date - Due to attend the 3rd generation of the 2017 Ford Focus RS which caused great excitement in the market primarily for automotive enthusiasts this car. the excitement that comes by new car 2017 Ford Focus RS will be very futuristic and luxurious after several revisions. The exterior design there might not be much change, but there will still be some improvements in the exterior. The same thing would apply to the interior of 2017 Ford Focus RS that's just a little too there is a change, both will be upgraded or replaced. Some changes also we expect the engine to make the car more economical and efficient biofuel.


very interesting change is the exterior 2017 Ford Focus RS is lighter than its predecessor. This is all due to the lightweight materials used in the manufacture of automobiles, which makes weight reduction is also directly able to influence fuel economy although it can allow cars to reduce fuel consumption. When present in the new look of the car, the car has a fresh grille also serves to make the car look very elegant. At the front of the car, there are two bi-xenon lamps that have a design that makes this car look aggressive and ferocious. Bumper shape is still the same size in which the bumper is still able to protect some of the panel at the front so they can make the car look masculine. At the rear, the taillights Ford Focus RS 2017 has been changed to make it more effective and make an elegant appearance. The latest car ride on 19-inch alloy wheels come with Michelin branded tires are of high quality can improve driving dynamics. This car comes in several color options to get more customers by giving them more options to choose more than one.


Ford Focus RS Interior

In the interior, the 2017 Ford Focus RS has a better dashboard, which attributes a more visible form of neat. The dashboard is also presented with a large LCD touch screen that can be used to monitor and control panels of the vehicle. Passenger and driver of the car can also enjoy the different connections and infotainment upgrades. 2017 Ford Focus RS These seats are sporty very good, limitations to make every passenger getting enough leg space and headroom. Rows of seats behind the arrangement of the back row seat there is a large cargo space. Comfort in the cabin of the car is also enhanced with modern HVAC based systems that have the ability to work automatically to regulate and control the interior temperature other than the temperature outside. There are also safety systems for all seats are equipped with seat belts and air bags are also there for all passengers.


There is under the hood of this car, which is no Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine equipped with the 2.3-liter unit is able to produce 350 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque. The units were collected with a six-speed manual and the transmitter is also available in front-wheel drive. This engine has improved fuel economy than previous models this is caused mainly due to revisions carried out. Ranges from 4.6 seconds the machine is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Speeds reaching 165 mph, with fuel spend 19/25 mpg.


Reliable information indicates the new car will be available to the automotive market in late 2016 and the basic price range in the range of $ 37,000.
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