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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Car Features - American Branded Cars Not Sold in the US

Whether you like it or not, the American car market is still one of the largest vehicle buyers across the globe, although China had been buying more cars than the US of A just a decade ago or so. The Detroit Three had gone through good and bad times with some of them churning out great and mediocre vehicles and some cleaning up unsalable brands.

Nowadays, debates of whatever is considered as an "American" car are widespread, since vehicle components are built in every part of the world for final assembly. Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda have plants in the US, while GM and Chrysler assemble some US market vehicles in neighboring Canada and Mexico. Outside, Ford is active in Europe and is doing well while the other two struggle, Buicks are best sellers in China, and General Motors owned a lot of brands and uses different names for every market. However, not all places they do well especially Ford is reported to pull-out in Indonesia and Japan and Chevrolet wasn't a success in the United Kingdom. Globalization had caught up them which means they have to adjust to a market's requirement and preferences.

In this article, we shall discover American branded vehicles sold in the Philippines which are not sold in the United States which covers brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. We are including the cases of the Ford Ranger and Focus which have two different versions aimed for markets outside North America, although the Focus' third generation model is the one model for all consumers and the Ranger still lives outside the continent. Another case is the usage of a US market name for a vehicle not sold there, which we will include in this list. Last one is whether that particular generation of the vehicle is not sold in the US market.

Vehicle: Chevrolet Spark (Second Generation)
Origin: South Korea
Availability in Home Market: 2005-2009 (for second generation model), 1998-Current (Spark nameplate)
Philippine Availability: 2006-2010

Vehicle: Chevrolet Zafira (Philippine Market Name)
Origin: Germany, as an Opel
Availability in Home Market: 1999-Current
Philippine Availability: 2000-2005

Vehicle: Chevrolet Spin
Origin: Brazil
Availability in Home Market: 2012-Current
Philippine Availability: 2013-Current

Vehicle: Chevrolet Orlando
Origin: South Korea (although this vehicle should be produced in the USA, the decision was reversed in 2010)
Availability in Home Market: 2011-Current
Philippine Availability: 2011-Current

Vehicle: Chevrolet Captiva
Origin: South Korea, as a Daewoo
Availability in Home Market: 2006-Current
Philippine Availability: 2007-Current

Vehicle: Chevrolet Trailblazer
Origin: Thailand
Availability in Home Market: 2012-Current
Philippine Availability: 2012-Current

Vehicle: Ford Lynx
Origin: Japan, shares a platform with a Mazda
Availability in Home Market: 1998-2002
Philippine Availability: 1999-2005

Vehicle: Ford Focus (Second Generation, European model)
Origin: Germany
Availability in Home Market: 2004-2010 (for second generation model), 1998-Current (Focus nameplate)
Philippine Availability: 2005-2012

Vehicle: Ford Ecosport
Origin: Brazil
Availability in Home Market: 2003-Current
Philippine Availability: 2014-Current

Vehicle: Ford Everest
Origin: Thailand
Availability in Home Market: 2003-Current
Philippine Availability: 2003-Current

Vehicle: Ford Ranger (Asian Market)
Origin: Japan, as a Mazda
Availability in Home Market: 1971-Current (Courier name until 2006 while Ranger name is used from 1998)
Philippine Availability: 1999-Current

Vehicle: Ford Fiera
Origin: Philippines
Availability in Home Market: 1970s to 1980s

Below is a list of American branded vehicles that are also marketed in the US as is, although some modifications are done to suit market tastes but they are still the same car.
Vehicle (Philippine Market)Years Availability (PH)Vehicle (US Market)Years Availability (US)
Chevrolet Spark2006-CurrentChevrolet Spark2012-Current
Chevrolet Aveo2003-2012Chevrolet Aveo2003-2011
Chevrolet Sonic2012-CurrentChevrolet Sonic2011-Current
Chevrolet Cassia2000-2002Suzuki Esteem1995-2002
Chevrolet Optra2003-2010Suzuki Forenza2004-2008
Chevrolet Cruze2010-CurrentChevrolet Cruze2009-Current
Chevrolet Lumina2005-2007Buick Regal1973-2004, 2010-Current
Chevrolet Malibu2013-CurrentChevrolet Malibu1964-1983, 1997-Current
Chevrolet Camaro2010-CurrentChevrolet Camaro1966-2002, 2009-Current
Chevrolet Venture2001-2007Chevrolet Venture1996-2005
Chevrolet Trax2015-CurrentChevrolet Trax2014-Current
Chevrolet Trailblazer2004-2008, 2012-CurrentChevrolet Trailblazer1999-2001 (as a variant of Blazer), 2001-2009 (as standalone model)
Chevrolet Traverse2011-2015Chevrolet Traverse2008-Current
Chevrolet Tahoe2002-2014Chevrolet Tahoe1992-Current
Chevrolet Suburban1996-CurrentChevrolet Suburban1935-Current
Chevrolet Silverado2000-2002Chevrolet Silverado1998-Current (as standalone model)
Chevrolet Colorado2012-CurrentChevrolet Colorado2004-2012, 2014-Current
Chevrolet Savana1998-2000Chevrolet Express1996-Current
Chrysler 3002005-CurrentChrysler 3002004-Current
Chrysler Neon1999-2001Dodge/Plymouth Neon1994-2005 (Dodge), 1994-2001 (Plymouth)
Chrysler Stratus1999-2001Dodge Stratus1995-2006
Chrysler Town and Country2002-CurrentChrysler Town and Country1989-2016
Chrysler Pacifica2005-2008Chrysler Pacifica2003-2008, 2016-Current
Chrysler Voyager2000-2003Chrysler/Plymouth Voyager2001-2007
Dodge Caliber2007-2009Dodge Caliber2006-2012
Dodge Charger2010-CurrentDodge Charger1966-1978, 1981-1987, 2005-Current
Dodge Challenger2011-CurrentDodge Challenger1970-1974, 1978-1983, 2008-Current
Dodge Durango2000-2009, 2011-CurrentDodge Durango1997-Current
Dodge Caravan1998-2002Dodge Caravan1983-Current
Dodge Dakota2001-2004Dodge Dakota1987-2011
Dodge Journey2008-2011Dodge Journey2008-Current
Dodge Nitro2008-2012Dodge Nitro2006-2012
Dodge Ram2014-CurrentDodge Ram/Ram 1500/Ram 25001981-Current
Ford E1501998-2014Ford E-Series1961-Current
Ford Escape2002-2013, 2014-CurrentFord Escape2000-Current
Ford Expedition1998-CurrentFord Expedition1996-Current
Ford Explorer2004-CurrentFord Explorer1990-Current
Ford Explorer Sport Trac2000-2004Ford Explorer Sport Trac2000-2010
Ford F1501998-2004Ford F1501948-Current
Ford Fiesta2010-CurrentFord Fiesta1978-1980, 2010-Current
Ford Focus2005-CurrentFord Focus1999-Current
Ford Mustang2012-CurrentFord Mustang1964-Current
Ford Ranger1999-CurrentFord Ranger1982-2012
Jeep Cherokee1998-2000Jeep Cherokee1974-2001, 2013-Current
Jeep Commander2006-2011Jeep Commander2006-2010
Jeep Grand Cherokee1998-CurrentJeep Grand Cherokee1992-Current
Jeep Wrangler2008-CurrentJeep Wrangler1986-Current
Lincoln Town Car1998-2002Lincoln Town Car1980-2011
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