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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Honda City (2009-2014)

2009-2014 Honda City

The Good: Huge interior space, reliable

The Bad: Rev demanding 1.3

The Say: High levels of quality trickled down to a sub-compact package.

Go For: 1.5 E
Avoid: 1.3 A

Price Range: P340,000-P550,000
Our Rating: ****

Full Review: Used Car Review - Honda City (2009-2014)
Latest vehicle profile: Honda City

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Vehicle Overview
Launched in 2009, the fifth generation Honda City got more sophisticated and more better by offering fresh VTEC engines and a larger cabin. The previous model's i-DSI engine and rear folding bench was dropped for all models. A far cry from the hatchback models that were only previously available outside the Philippines during the 80s and even from the Civic EF based model during the 90s.

While the exterior dimensions increased a little, the story tells you it has a larger cabin and trunk space than before, explaining why the 60/40 fold rear seats were dropped. Similar to its rival, 1.5 models are easily distinguished by its side mirror signal repeaters than the 1.3 which don't get these.

Honda's VTEC technology is now used for both engines here, which gave the 1.3 and 1.5 more power and torque than before. The 1.3 is too smallish that you need to rev hard to attain decent acceleration, while the 1.5 can motivate the vehicle without any drama. Handling is something Honda typical and would bring you to your destination without any trouble. Unlike the previous model, the 1.5 is strictly automatic.

As we said earlier that the interior had grew up in size, especially that passengers have unobstructed view outside. Another plus point is the high quality interior, which is a breath of fresh air in this category.

What Should I Get
In 2009, the City was originally available in three variants that includes the A, S, and E. Choosing the A (which was dropped in the 2012 update) gives you the 99hp 1.3 engine plus all power amenities, MP3 capability with CD, and ABS brakes. Going for the S adds alloy wheels, dual airbags, alarm, keyless entry, and auxilary and USB function. The E adds the 118hp 1.5 engine, chrome door handles, and side mirror signal repeaters. An ECO mode and steering wheel audio controls for January 2012 and up models. April 2013 saw the launch of two spin-off models of the E that included the EL that gets leather seats while the ENC gets stability control and 60/40 fold rear seats. Modulo body kits were an added option for 1.3 S and 1.5 E models beginning December 2012.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Maintaining one is in the range of its rivals and there is no CVT to worry about. Fuel consumption is average for the class although the 1.3 automatic tends to rob power due to the rev friendly engine. Problem spots of this vehicle include a weak alternator, the starter system which makes starting the engine difficult especially when the vehicle is shut down for a short time, and minor squeaks which can pop out. Different recalls were issued for the City which involved a spring that causes friction resulting to stalling or engine failure (for 1.5 models assembled between 2009 to April 2010, issued last February 2011) and suspected defect in the driver side airbag's deflator (2009 to 2011 assembled models issued last September 2015 and 2012 to 2014 assembled models issued last March 2016).
5 ( 88 ratings )
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