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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Hyundai Accent (2006-2010)

2006-2010 Hyundai Accent

The Good: Fast on its heels, fuel saver

The Bad: No safety features, not fun to steer

The Say: A viable alternative to those sub-compacts offered by the Japanese.

Go For: 1.5 GL Power
Avoid: Ex-taxi units

Price Range: P250,000-P350,000
Our Rating: ***

Full Review: Used Car Review - Hyundai Accent (2006-2010)
Latest vehicle profile: Hyundai Accent Sedan

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Vehicle Overview
Hyundai was on an expansion in the country during the mid to late 2000s, especially that it added vehicles that nearly target every segment. One of the vehicles we would be discussing is the Accent, which joins the increasingly crowded sub-compact market.

First thing that we would be discussing is the standard (and only) diesel engine, which rivals didn't have or copy this strategy later on. The 1.5 diesel has one of the highest fuel consumption ratings out there especially if you drive it prudently (shifting at 1,500rpm) but go all out you'll have a blast driving this one. Although you can drive a gear higher from initial launch, you would experience lifeless steering and a ride comfort that is so soft.

Similar to its peers, the cabin would only fit in four people in comfort since anything above it is a squeeze. While some cheap touches are present, interior quality is something top notch but you wouldn't get airbags in this car. If you are used with an ordinary manual gear stick, the Accent utilizes a reverse gear located beside the first gear, which takes time getting used to.

What Should I Get
The sole variant launched in December 2005 was the GLS, which had niceties such as alloy wheels, body color door handles and side mirrors, leather steering wheel, all power amenities, alarm, and keyless entry with immobilizer. November 2007 saw the introduction of a "stripped" GL, that is aimed among fleets, which got steel wheels, black door handles and side mirrors, plastic steering wheel, power steering and windows (those painted in white don't get power windows), and no security features at all. Since the GLS is a rare find, go for the GL but do not forget the power windows at least. Before we leave this, the only engine choice is a 108hp 1.5 diesel paired to a manual transmission.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Thanks to a standard diesel engine, fuel consumption is low which means maintenance costs are on the lower end of the spectrum. Parts availability are wide, thanks to its stint as a taxicab. However, the diesel present here has common rail technology with variable geometry turbocharger which means that one must be extra careful not to break the turbo, a costly replacement to say so.
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