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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Kia Picanto (2004-2011)

2004-2011 Kia Picanto

The Good: Easy to maneuver, gas friendly, and has more inside

The Bad: Airbags or ABS brakes not available, five is a squeeze

The Say: For the requisite city trips, the Picanto is a great choice.

Go For: 1.1 LX

Price Range: P155,000-P300,000
Our Rating: ***

Full Review: Used Car Review - Kia Picanto (2004-2011)
Latest vehicle profile: Kia Picanto

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Vehicle Overview
Sharing a platform with the Hyundai Getz albeit a bit shorter, the Kia Picanto was launched as a replacement for the Kia Visto/Hyundai Atoz city cars internationally. For the Philippine market, this filled the slot of the outdated Kia Pride in 2004. This car was introduced in limited quantities, with the first buyers knew its existence through the internet after which the general public became familiar with this vehicle that had corresponded with price increases.

This car is not anymore like the Pride, basic and crude. Rather, this vehicle has an electric fuel injection system and power steering as standard, a far cry from its predecessor's carburetor fuel drive. Performance-wise, this one can go along without any complaints from the engine and switching lanes is a breeze since the chassis is communicative, just avoid hitting potholes though.

Going inside will reveal an interior which jives with the millennium year, although some hard plastics come standard. Cabin space is big enough to fit in four people comfortably, while five is a squeeze. Folding the rear seat will give you a large space for your cargoes.

What Should I Get
From 2004 until July 2005, a basic model with a 64hp 1.1 engine is the sole model available. This one is rather basic, since this comes with the following: steel wheels with cover, air-conditioning, and AM/FM cassette tuner. A split of models occurred in 2005 which had a Base/LX model that can be distinguished by its black bumpers and the lack of hubcaps and the LX/DLX that adds a CD player, front power windows (not all models get them), and an option for an automatic transmission. An update in October 2007 for 2008 had the two models remain but the LX/DLX adds fog lamps, Ipod capability, alarm, and keyless entry. Our pick? Since its used go for something fully kitted plus the manual is the transmission of choice.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Same comments with its compatriots from Korea, the Picanto benefits from decent parts availability and top fuel consumption, the latter is great with a manual since automatics saps power which results to poor fuel efficiency. Since you'll encounter Picantos as daily drivers, do inspect for worn out parts plus the stabilizer link has the tendency to weaken.
5 ( 88 ratings )
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