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Friday, September 23, 2016

Chevy Making Moves To Make Towing Even Safer

According to a Chevy press release, roughly 1.2 million horse, RV and work trailers are sold every year in the United States. And though it comes with no surprise, these trailers are usually pulled by full-size trucks and SUVs. With this knowledge, Chevrolet, being an award-winning industry leader in trailering, has found the perfect opportunity to help trailer manufacturers and the industry leaders to understand the direction truck and trailering technology is headed.

The brand has recently announced they will be working with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) in order to create an integrated and convenient trailering experience for today’s trailer owners.

“Our owners are often towing something, from an RV to construction equipment, that is more valuable than their truck,” stated General Motors future truck executive chief engineer, Tim Herrick. “Unequivocally, they tell us that they are looking for a better towing experience. Safer, easier, with more integration between their trailer and their truck.”

Chevrolet plans to assist trailer manufacturers in the development of technologies that will take combined trailer and truck safety and industry safety standards to the next level. Additionally, the partners will work together to increase the communication between the truck and the trailer so that the driver is always aware of what’s going on behind them while staying focused on the road.

“This partnership with Chevrolet is part of the trailer industry’s continued commitment to improving safety,” Pam Trusdale, executive director, NATM stated. “We are confident that we can collectively improve not only the towing experience for consumers but also public safety, which is why NATM is excited about working with Chevrolet.”

Be sure to look out for more built-in advanced technology towing options on future Chevrolet models at West Chevrolet! 
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