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Friday, October 14, 2016

Alfa Romeo Says Its Next-Gen Models Are Akin To Maseratis

The head of Alfa Romeo's Australian division says the brand's next-generation range of models will be more comparable to #Maseratis than Alfas of yesteryear.

During an interview with Car Advice, Steve Zanlunghi said that the brand's new Giorgio platform based models, starting with the Giulia, will be dramatically different to anything Alfa Romeo has previously built.

“These Alfas that are coming out now on the Giorgio platform are like nothing you’ve ever seen,” he said. “They are more comparable towards Maserati type brands, so we are going to look to come out with premium products that are priced at a premium level, in line with the competition.”

Zanlunghi is confident that the Giulia and upcoming Stelvio SUV are the perfect vehicles to launch the next wave of Alfa Romeo models and believes that their delayed releases allowed the car maker to ensure they were perfect.

“Before you can call yourself cool, you have to have something that you can put out there that will do the speaking for you and I believe that the product that we have in the pipeline for Alfa Romeo and the reason it was initially delayed was so that we could get it absolutely spot on.”
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