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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Does This Nissan Micra Base-Spec Render Make Any Sense?

It seems the general consensus is that the all-new Micra makes for a very good-looking supermini. Furthermore, thanks to several active safety features and 2016-worthy connectivity functions, the new Micra finally seems ready to take on its battle-hardened B-segment rivals.

So would a base-spec Micra such as this one defeat the purpose of owning a supermini that just became a lot more competitive overall? You could probably argue both for and against this notion.

The argument against is an obvious one really: the car rendered by X-Tomi doesn't even have fog lights, alloys or body colored wing mirrors and door handles. There's no telling what standard features would be missing from the cockpit as well, and that could easily turn away buyers who still want to feel comfortable aboard their budget-friendly car.

Having said that, lowering the Micra's entry-level price could arguably attract another type of buyer, one that might prefer this car's quirky yet sharp styling to that of say a Dacia Sandero - as long as this hypothetical base-spec model would be priced similarly. Besides, you can always get some aftermarket wheels and have the bumpers body-colored later on...
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