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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Elon Musk Pushes Back Tesla Announcement To Wednesday

Elon Musk has pushed back his mystery #Tesla announcement to Wednesday saying that it still requires “refinement”.

Tesla's chief executive revealed the news on his Twitter account over the weekend and in typical Musk fashion, failed to give away any additional details about what the electric automaker has up its sleeve.

Speculation is rife about what Tesla is planning, with some reports suggesting the announcement could be related to Autopilot 2.0, an improved variant of the company's self-driving system which will bring with it a selection of hardware changes, including the possible inclusion of an advanced triple front-facing camera.

There's also a possibility that the announcement will be related to the Model 3 and could include the unveiling of the production-spec model.

Alternatively, something related to Tesla's recent solar panel deal with Panasonic may be on the horizon or potentially, something from left field which no one is expecting.

As long as Musk doesn't delay the announcement any further, we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out.


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