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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ford Recalls Focus & Transit Connect Over Unintended Door/Trunk Opening

#Ford has issued two recalls for two different #models with two different (but not altogether dissimilar) issues. In both cases, owners might find parts of their #car opening unexpectedly.

The larger of the two recalls affects an estimated 64,038 examples of the Focus – specifically 2013-17 hatchback models, and only those (for some reason) equipped with manual transmissions. Owners of those models may find their vehicle's tailgate will open with just a single press of the interior latch release button.

According to the US Department of Transportation, “With only a single press needed, the driver may accidently unlatch the hatchback, increasing the risk of injury to any unsecured passengers in the back.” To address the issue, Ford has issued new programming of the Body Control Module, which will necessitate owners bringing their vehicles in to their local dealers to have the software updated.

The far smaller recall relates to the 2014 Transit Connect – namely those equipped with panoramic Vista roof panels. Because they may not have been properly bonded to the vehicle, the glass roof panel could pop off. That could be rather problematic, especially while the vehicle is in motion. Fixing the problem will necessitate removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the glass panel in a slightly more laborious process than reflashing the software. Fortunately this recall – similar to one that affected the Land Rover Discovery last year – is estimated to affect just 887 units in the United States.

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