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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Photoshopped BMW Keeps Popping Up In Mercedes Promos

Nowadays, CGI plays an important role in the #automotive industry, especially as the scenes (dynamic or static) help car makers visually enhance their products without too much effort.

For example, instead of taking each model out on a photo shoot and risk exposing it before its official launch, some car makers usually rehash a set of scenery or ambient photos for multiple models and purposes, like these images from Mercedes demonstrate.

All three cars pictured were launched within a few months of each other, with the Mercedes-Maybach S600 being the first in 2015 and the E-Class All Terrain the last (but not least), and yet they’re photographed in the same setting, with just a few minor detail changes.

The black car in the background remained, though. Care to guess what make and model it is? Nope, it’s a not a Beijing Motor Works (although it looks like it), but a regular BMW 5-Series with its grille digitally altered.

Since it’s frown upon in the industry to show press images with your rivals’ products appearing in them, it’s easy to see why Merc’s CGI artists blurred the 5 Series' front fascia and turned it into something more generic - but they couldn't resist an Easter Egg now, did they? 


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