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Friday, November 18, 2016

LA Show: New Hyundai Ioniq Concept Announces An Autonomous Revolution

This might look like your run-of-the-mill Ioniq, but it’s actually #Hyundai’s new concept that can drive by itself.

Visually, there aren’t many differences separating it from the standard model, but the Autonomous Ioniq Concept can be distinguished thanks to its advanced LiDAR components embedded into the front bumper. It also features a covered front grille, and different rims, suggesting it’s the fully electric variant.

The Autonomous Ioniq features a wide array of self-driving systems, including Smart Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, and, of course, the LiDAR technology. It also features three cameras able to detect pedestrian proximity, lane markings, and traffic signals, while its GPS antenna determines the location of each vehicle on Hyundai’s high-definition mapping data.

In other words, the vehicle incorporates all autonomous controls into existing systems in order to ensure a seamless transition between active and self-driving modes.

The EV Ioniq has yet to make it stateside, but Hyundai doesn’t plan to keep its mid-size hatchback out of the American market. While it’s unknown how long it will take until the first autonomous Ioniq will be available for purchase, the automaker is currently testing three Ioniqs and two autonomous Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles at their R&D center in Namyang, South Korea.


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