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Friday, November 11, 2016

New Ferrari Models To Feature Hybrid Tech, Says Marchionne

#Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne stated that all Ferraris sold from 2019 onwards will sport some type of hybrid technology.

What this means is that the brand could finally go beyond their volume limit, which at the moment is constrained by CO2 regulations.

Ferrari is looking to ship around 8,000 cars this year and then gradually raise that number to 9,000 units by 2019, as reported by Autonews. However, Marchionne said that Ferrari could sell more than 10,000 cars per year by 2025 while promising a "fundamental shift" in the way Maranello manufactures its supercars.

"Although I neither commit to this nor do I give any sort of certification of it being our objective, it is possible that the [annual sales] number could be well in excess of 10,000 cars in 2025," he said.

He added that the model range would expand to vehicles that appeal to a larger demographic, by focusing on more than just technological prowess. One example is the GTC4Lusso T, a supercar with a smaller V8 engine that's "designed to be driven every day."

"It seems that Ferrari is now considering adding up to two new models to its range over the next four to five years - and it seems this approach is gaining favor over potential brand extension strategies," stated analyst Stuart Pearson of Exane BNP Paribas. "This could be a material positive... and, combined with a focus on hybridization, could allow Ferrari to breeze through the 10,000 volume cap."


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