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Friday, November 25, 2016

Tesla Owners In Moscow Make Up For The Brand’s Absence With Unofficial Service Center

Officially, #Tesla doesn’t sell its #cars in Russia, nor has it signaled it wishes to enter that market anytime soon, yet a number of locals have managed to acquire one of its vehicles. Buying is one thing, though, and maintaining them another matter altogether.

Where there is a will, most often than not there is a way. Cue the Moscow Tesla Club that was formed by around 300 owners of the Model S and Model X and has gone as far as creating an (unofficial) service center in the capital.

As reported by Autoblog, the man who runs the club, Igor Antarov, says it’s been a huge help to owners who don’t have to send their cars to other countries for servicing and repairs. It also acts as a means to connect owners and host events and highlights the construction of a charging station so that they can drive from Moscow to Lithuania by stopping there to replenish the batteries instead of staying somewhere overnight.

Moreover, they sell cars, too, with some being listed on their website. If none of those available fits a customer’s preferences, they state they will source it from either another European country or even the US!

Now, that’s brand loyalty to you. Tesla might have powerful enemies, but boy its fans are a very dedicated bunch…

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