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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Fulvia Would Be A Nice Fiata-Based Roadster - If Lancia Was Still Around

There was a time when Lancia produced some of the world's most exciting race and road cars. Talk to any enthusiast and images of models like the Delta Integrale and Stratos jump to mind.

Nowadays, however, the brand is practically dead and buried - for good. Well, there is the Ypsilon, but it's available only in Italy, so that doesn't amount to much.

What if FCA boss Sergio Marchionne had an epiphany and decided to resurrect it, though? What path should the Italians follow? According to Theophilus Chin, creating a sports car based around the Fiat 124 Spider could be the way to go.

Dubbed the Fulvia, it incorporates a distinctive front grille, large headlights and a unique front bumper to give it a softer and cuter look than the 124 and Miata siblings. Alas, this will never happen. There's no chance of Lancia rising from the grave and Marchionne has more pressing matters on his agenda right now.
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