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Monday, November 7, 2016

Visual Face-Off: Who Wore It Better; The X-Class Or The Alaskan?

What does the #Mercedes X-Class and the #Renault Alaskan have in common? They’re both based on the #Nissan Navara NP300, but that’s just how synergies work in the automotive industry.

Sure, we’re comparing a concept with a production model, but the production-spec X-Class will hardly be any different. Plus, it’s intriguing to see how these two completely different companies approached the idea of a pick-up starting from a common ground. While Mercedes saw an opening in the luxury pickup segment (one of the few niches unexploited by a premium brand), Renault came up with an imposing, rugged approach.

On the outside, the Alaskan looks more muscular, like a workhorse ready for action. Even compared to the X-Class Powerful Adventurer the Renault seems more eager to get down and dirty. Mercedes, on the other hand, almost coined the perfect lifestyle pick-up with the X-Class – less carrying, more adventure; although, in reality, it will do exactly the same things as the Renault or the Nissan.

Behind the X-Class’ chiseled look, there are a few details that remind us of the Navara, especially if viewed from the profile. The double cab’s form and the bed weren’t masked by a posh or different design, and the same goes for the Alaskan. However, the story is different at vehicles’ extremities.

Both the X-Class and the Alaskan are governed by strong, expressive front fascias with oversized badges, although the Merc steps it up a notch. Its grille is much more imposing and aggressive, compared to that of the Renault. Furthermore, while the latter preferred to use a horizontal layout, with the headlights uniting with the grille, Mercedes adopted a narrower hood, allowing its angular light clusters to be positioned higher and appear pushed back.

The production model will probably sport bigger headlights and a redesigned front bumper, as well as a different rear end. Unlike the Alaskan (or even the Navara), the X-Class Stylish Explorer’s rear end has the taillights embedded in the tailgate. It’s hard to believe this design cue will make it into production, as the X-Class will most likely follow the Alaskan’s recipe and sport the same layout as the other two (for cost reasons), only with a slightly redesigned tailgate.

Inside, the Merc comes with a completely new cockpit and cabin. While the Alaskan shares the same exact interior with the Navara, the X-Class features a new dashboard, a new center console, and even new door panels. It also comes with an infotainment touchscreen positioned on top of the center vents, like most other Mercs, instead of one embedded in the center console.

Judging by the second X-Class concept, the Powerful Adventurer (daft name, isn't it?), the “German” model has a chance to become something akin to the G-Class – extremely capable off-road, but a luxury item at the same time. The Alaskan, on the other hand, will remain an honest workhorse that will mix it with the rest of the mainstream pickups that out there.

Yes, badge snobbery is very well alive out there, whether we like it or not. Makes us wonder how long before another premium brand follows Merc's lead, too, and who will it be.


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