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Saturday, November 12, 2016

You Can Now Drive A Tesla Model X In GTA 5

#Tesla's roots with the popular video game stretch back to the release version, when the Roadster was added as the Coil Voltic.

More than three years have passed since then, but now, after the game was released for PC, modders crafted  a Tesla Model X that you can take out for a spin on the streets of Los Santos. T

While the virtual-world's zero-emissions crossover looks quite good, some will notice that the Falcon Wing doors don't appear to be functional, or that doing a burnout shows only the front wheels spinning.

This mod follows another released earlier this year, which saw the addition of a Tesla Model S. Expect enthusiasts to bring a Model 3 as well to the video game, and perhaps even a pickup truck.

H/T to Electrek


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