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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Will Roll Out An EQ Model Each Year

Although the first model from #Mercedes-Benz’s EQ sub-brand won’t hit the market until 2019, the German company intends on following it up with a new electric model every year.

Speaking with Car and Driver, Mercedes vice president of sales and product management, Matthias Luhrs said that the brand will ultimately accommodate a full family of models though, interestingly, not all will share the same underpinnings.

Instead, Luhrs says, some will share their platforms with existing ICE Mercedes-Benz models. However, beyond all being completely electric, the models will share interior and exterior styling unique to the EQ brand.

All up, Luhrs says that the brand plans on having 10 all-electric vehicles in its range in the next “eight or nine years”.

With such a large range of EVs planned, Mercedes-Benz will also have to work out a charging solution available around the world to keep the models on the road. At this stage, the brand is refusing to speak about what it is working on but according to Luhrs, it could involve a collaboration with another firm.

“Obviously, in this industry, everyone, including Tesla, is still learning, and so everybody is still talking to everybody. It’s too early to say that this has already been decided and we’re only talking to this supplier or that,” he said.


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