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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Ford GT Features Five Driving Modes Including P1-Style Track Mode

Finally, after almost two years of waiting, some exciting new details about the 2017 #Ford GT have surfaced, following recent passenger rides for select members of the motoring press.

Road & Track recently jumped into the passenger seat of the new supercar and discovered that it comes with five distinct driving modes, all which alter its driving characteristics and cater for a wide range of driving scenarios.

The least-aggressive setting available for the GT is Wet. This mode sees the suspension set to its softest, throttle response at its laziest and the ABS and traction control systems operating at their full potential. As with the other driving modes, Wet can be joined with a press of the Comfort button to soften the suspension further.

The second mode, appropriately dubbed Normal, retains the same suspension and ride height settings as Wet but includes default settings for throttle response, transmission shifting and the traction and stability control.

Things then start amping up with Sport mode. The dampers become stiffer and an anti-lag system for the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 comes to life to eliminate any lag. Additionally, shifting through the gears becomes more aggressive and it now calls on g and yaw detection sensors to anticipated the right gear. Elsewhere, small shutters in the GT’s nose open to allow air to pass through a low-pressure shunt pathway.

Next up is the McLaren P1-style Track mode. It sees the ride height drop by 50 mm, the shutters in the nose close and the hydraulic rear wing being deployed while also doubling as an air brake.

Last but not least is Vmax mode. This mode incorporates the firm suspension and low ride height of Track mode but sees the front air shutters open and the rear wing lowered. According to director of product development and chief technical officer of Ford, Raj Nair, over 200 mph (320 km/h) will be achievable in this mode.


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