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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Opel Really Wants To Build The GT; It Just Needs To Figure Out How

The GT concept that was displayed at Geneva last March was one of the stars of the show, though at the time, #Opel had declared that it was nothing more than a study.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t shelved it off yet, with the Germans continuing work on the project, as they believe they still have at least two years’ time to make up their mind before the design becomes obsolete.

“It’s a car we all love and the public love, so we really want to build it”, CEO Karl-Thomas Naumann told Autocar. “The question is what the right approach is, so we are studying different directions we could follow.”

For the GT to get the green light it has to make sense financially and being a low-volume product makes this even more difficult. Add in the fact that it would be rear-wheel drive, and the obstacles add up.

“The platform is a complication”, Neumann conceded. “You can take parts and pieces, but it’s a matter of cost. If you do a lot of engineering on the platform, then you can’t do it”.

An off-the-shelf architecture is the only option, then. Since there’s no such thing right now in the General's inventory, perhaps they could team up with another manufacturer; MG, which is owned by GM’s partner in China, SAIC, has been named as a possibility, but Neumann declined to comment.

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