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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tesla Model S Looks Pretty Sleek As A Convertible

Leaving the pickup truck trend aside, #RainPrisk has focused on dolling up the #Tesla Model S, which has lost its roof and rear doors, while maintaining the bits and pieces from the facelifted version.

Its design would probably have no problem conquering the pockets of the rich and famous, just like NEC's version did a couple of years ago.

Tesla, of course, has no intention whatsoever of building something like this, and when it does roll out a successor to the Roadster it'll be entirely different, but it does make for an interesting exercise.

Meanwhile, the brand is celebrating its victory in the State of Virginia, where it is now allowed to sell its cars directly to customers through its own dealership, and getting ready to launch the updated Autopilot 8.1 in three weeks' time. And then, there's the Model 3 that's supposed to come out sometime next year, of course...


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