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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Top 10 Vehicles America's Rich Bought In 2016

You probably think that the rich are indulging in the finer things in life, and that could be true, but when it comes to cars, they don't really go for the flashy and outrageous, as one might have expected.

Certainly, for a number of them nothing but the latest Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other exotic will do, but for the majority, their choices are not that different to those of the average American.

Analysts from Edmunds examined 2016 year-to-date new vehicles' registrations with household incomes above $250,000, and the data shows that, instead of flashy exotics, the 10 most favored were eight SUVs, one passenger car and one pickup truck.

They didn't even go for luxury brands, either; as a matter of fact, BMW and Lexus are the only premium manufacturers in that list. Talk about turning stereotypes on their heads, huh?

So, what did they actually buy this year? Scroll down and you'll find out that most were sensible, down-to-earth choices.

#1. Ford F-Series

It seems that America's best seller has a lot of fans among the wealthy, too, as it tops this list. Yes, it's a pickup truck, but it comes in a multitude of versions so it can fit any lifestyle.

#2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

A luxury SUV that has no trouble getting its alloys dirty thanks to its good off-road capabilities, while cosseting its passengers with all kinds of niceties.

#3. Jeep Wrangler

Well, apparently many can do without the Grand Cherokee's luxury, that's why they opted for most capable model in Jeep's entire range. Plus, it's an icon, which surely counts for something.

#4. Lexus RX

The RX doesn't care much for off-roading, but it'll do luxury, style and the school run perfectly well. If it's comfort you're after, you can't go wrong with this one.

#5. BMW X5

The only model, other than the Lexus, with a posh badge. Its on-road manners are impeccable and it's got a wide range to choose from. Given the SUV trend, we bet BMW USA wish they had more they could shift...

#6. Ford Explorer

As highlighted by an earlier study, the Gen-X is in love with the Explorer, as they see in it all the attributes of a large luxury SUV, but with a significantly lower price tag. Guess the same applies to the rich, too.

#7. Toyota Highlander

A very practical crossover, with lots of space, three rows of seats and all the latest amenities, the Highlander is as sensible a buy as it gets.

#8. Honda Pilot

Yet another seven-seater: even though they are rivals, one could copy the Highlander's blurb abd it would apply perfectly to the Pilot, too.

#9. Honda CR-V

The CR-V is the segment leader, in terms of sales, in the U.S., so its presence here is not that surprising. Has just been replaced by an all-new generation that will, logically, follow in its steps.

#10. Honda Accord

The sole saloon here. Lots of space, equipment and good driving dynamics make for an appealing package for any household, apparently even those who can afford something pricier.
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