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Monday, December 12, 2016

VW Designer Says Atlas SUV Looks Like A 2012 Ford "Whatever"

While the Atlas is far from being the most exciting-looking #SUV aimed at American buyers, #VW is still hoping that their latest addition to their off-road family will be a massive success.

Still, it seems there are those who don't really appreciate its simple appearance, possibly because of how the chunky wheel arches mix in with the overly clean design of the exterior.

Whatever your reason may be, one unnamed VW designer spoke with The Truth About Cars editor Mark Stevenson during the LA Auto Show, also admitting to not being particularly fond of the Atlas' appearance.

"It's boring. Of course it's boring," said the VW employee allegedly involved in the company's design process. "The vehicle is four years old. And by that, I mean it looks four years old."

"It looks like a 2012 Ford whatever. It could be anything."

Head of VW Design Klaus Bischoff did go on record saying that the Atlas was always meant to look substantial without being too aggressive, and in hindsight, that's probably not something everybody appreciated about it - seen as how nowadays automakers are constantly looking for sporty and aggressive designs when it comes to their crossovers/SUVs.

As for the "2012 Ford whatever" comment, let us know if you agree or disagree.


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