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Monday, January 23, 2017

Watch Turns Out Trump Was Right About Mexican-Made Chevy Cruze Cars Sold In USA

After President Trump slammed #GM for building US-bound cars in Mexico a few weeks back, the automaker was quick to deny such accusations.

In fact, GM went on record saying that all Chevy Cruise models sold in the US, were built by Uncle Sam, in Lordstown, Ohio. As it turns out, Trump was right and Mexican-built Cruze sedans are currently up for sale in the United States.

To make matters worse, CNNMoney even found a Cruze sedan built in Mexico at a GM dealership in Lordstown, Ohio of all places - which is more than just ironic considering what GM said after Trump's allegations earlier this month.

Now, workers at the GM Assembly Plant in Lordstown are angry, especially after facing 1,200 layoffs on the same day as Trump's inauguration. According to CNN, GM told workers there were too many Cruze sedans on car lots that weren't selling, so the automaker had to let some of the 4,500 workers at the plant go.

"It's the ultimate insult: Chevy Cruzes with Mexican VIN numbers shipped to Lordstown," said Heather Lexso, a worker at the GM plant in Lordstown. The Mexican-built Cruze sedan for sale at Spitzer Chevrolet Lordstown was located just 5 miles from the factory where American workers are losing their jobs.

"How messed up is that someone in Lordstown could be driving a Mexican-made Cruze?", added another GM worker from the plant.

Last week, General Motors finally admitted that some 8,400 Chevy Cruze sedans were built in Mexico at the end of 2016 and then brought to the United States for sale.

"A small number of Mexico-made Chevrolet Cruze sedans were produced in 2016 for sale in the US. This supplemental production ended in December. Lordstown is now the sole source for the Cruze sedans," stated GM spokesman Tom Wickham.
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