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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ferrari's 2017 SF70H F1 Car Ready To Be Thrown At Mercedes

Dubbed the SF70H, this car marks the 63rd time #Scuderia #Ferrari has designed and built a vehicle to take part in Formula 1.

Just like all the other 2017 cars unveiled until today, the new Ferrari racer is also packing monster levels of downforce thanks to the new-spec front wing, floor and diffuser.

Add wider tires to that equation and you should have a car that grips harder and can take corners at higher speeds than in previous years, which is the overall theme for this new season.

Visually, while all that red might throw you off a bit, a closer look reveals a lengthened nose and a new arrow-shaped wing up front. A large fin then runs across the engine cover, and then you've got the complex aero appendages on each side.

In terms of performance, Ferrari has also updated the power-steering and braking systems, while the hybrid power unit features a revised design with certain areas retaining 2016 characteristics.

Bottom line, the F1 world is undoubtedly looking forward to seeing what Vettel and Raikkonen can do this year aboard the SF70H. We're just hoping they can put up a proper challenge against Mercedes.



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