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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Koenigsegg To Sell The Regera Down Under

#Koenigsegg To Sell The #Regera Down Under Due to the rather simple fact that Australia is one of just a few countries to drive on the left, there aren’t many #hypercars of the recent era that have ever been officially offered for sale there.

The McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron were all produced exclusively in left-hand drive and not offered in the land down under. Although select examples of each have found their way into private collections, they can’t be legally driven on the road.

While its much larger rivals haven’t offered right-hand drive hypercars, Koenigsegg has just reached an agreement with a Brisbane-based distributor to sell the upcoming Regera in Australia.

Prodigy Automotive has struck a deal with the Swedish automaker and while the country isn’t a mecca for high-performance super sports cars, Prodigy director Nicholas Batzialas believes there’s a market for the Regera.

“We have got a little bit of interest already. They will actively be sold in Australia, and depending on supply we are hoping for one a year. We think that is where the market will be, and certainly Koenigsegg want to be in Australia,” he told Wheels Magazine.

When the Regera lands in Australia, it is expected to set locals back close to $3 million ($2.3 million USD).

“They are coming into the country fully homologated, and fully right hand drive from the factory. All the ADRs [Australian Design Rules] will be met,” Batzialas said.

There are currently just two Koenigseggs in Australia one of which is a 2008 CCX painted orange and registered for road use. The other has never been registered.


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