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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spyker Sedan Design Study Is Both Practical And Opulent

Even though this isn't a real concept, you can tell just by looking at it that you'd need to picture yourself being worth a great deal of money before dreaming about driving one of these.

Thought up by designer Stevie Joyce, this car is influenced not only by previous Spyker models (like the C8), but also other retro vehicle designs and even aeronautical scoops.

As for small, special touches, there's the start-stop button integrated in the clock on top of the dashboard, leather-wrapped roll bars and an open cockpit design which should allow for easy entry and exit.

Apparently, the doors can open in both Gullwing style, like on a Model X or an SLS, as well as Butterfly, like on a BMW i8 or a LaFerrari. The latter works better for when there aren't any rear seat passengers to consider.

Other features include the panoramic roof, wing mirror cameras, saloon-style boot and the ceiling fan controls.


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