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Monday, July 31, 2017

A Rolls-Royce Phantom Wagon Doesn't Look As Strange As You'd Think

The idea of a #Rolls-Royce wagon should repulse us, right? Yet here we are, looking at a rendering of just such a design, and somehow it doesn't look all that bad. Almost natural, really.

The rendering was drawn up by X-Tomi Design, based on the all-new eighth-generation Phantom limousine that Rolls-Royce just unveiled late last week, taking a) its rightful place at the top of the marque's model range, and b) the top-of-the-line model and its manufacturer into the modern age.

It's the height of elegance and is sure to find eager customers among celebrities and captains of industry from Beverly Hills to Mayfair to the shores of the Persian Gulf and the capitalizing capitals of the Middle Kingdom.

So why doesn't the new Phantom look out of sorts as a wagon? For a number of reasons, really. For one, we've seen Rolls-Royce wagons before, coachbuilt decades ago for the most part as hunting vehicles for the landed gentry in the days before the SUV. For another, the Phantom is already the size of a truck, even if it does have a trunk instead of a tailgate. And the manufacturer itself is working on a wagon based on the same platform as the Phantom, albeit sitting taller to meet the demands of moneyed customers clamoring for ever-higher-end luxury crossovers.

None of that means that Rolls is likely to offer a Phantom wagon. But to our eyes, for all the reasons mentioned above, it wouldn't look all that out of place if it did.

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