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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chinese Environmental Policies Hampering Supercar Sales


New environmental legislation in China is hampering the sale and deliveries of high-end supercars.

Under new legislation, low volume vehicles from the likes of McLaren and others have to be retested in the country to ensure they conform to emissions limits after 160,000 km (99,419 miles) of driving.

Previously, such cars were exempt from the laws because they typically cover just 5000 km a year but as the nation continues to crack down on emissions and cut pollution, the legislation has been revised to include all cars.

Autocar reports that customer deliveries of the McLaren 720S in China have been pushed back by about two months due to the changes. Additionally, the 570S Spider will arrive in the country later than expected.

In addition to McLaren, both Morgan and Ariel have said they are affected by the changes but believe their vehicles will meet the updated Chinese regulations. The Financial Times also reports that a small number of Lamborghinis are affected.


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