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Monday, November 27, 2017

720 HP Nissan GT-R Challenges Unbeaten McLaren 720S

It seems that some people are hell-bent on finding out just how dominant the McLaren 720S is, and what it takes in order to put its name in the loss column.

Of course, we're thankful for that, because if it wasn't for the owners of these cars, we would probably need to wait for Top Gear or The Grand Tour to show us what it would take to beat a McLaren 720S - and you're never guaranteed such a segment wouldn't take a turn for the comical, instead of being performance-oriented.

Alas, let's run through what happened here between this stock 720S and a modded Nissan GT-R, putting down 720 horses of its own.

The GT-R features bolt-on mods and is running on E85 fuel, pushing out some 625 WHP, bringing the crank total to McLaren 720S levels. Then again, McLaren have apparently been holding back on the 720S' real numbers, as it might actually put down in excess of 800 HP.

Both cars did standing and rolling starts, and you might say that the result is somewhat surprising, despite everything we already know about the 720S.


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