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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Custom-Made Fiat 126p Now On Its Way To Tom Hanks

While this bespoke Fiat 126p has been in the works for some time, it has just recently started its journey to the States, where it will meet up with none other than Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

One could say Hanks made this happen inadvertently while tweeting multiple pictures of himself next to Polski Fiats earlier this year. Afterwards, tuner Carlex Design got involved and helped create this one-off 126p.

The Polish tuner managed to maintain the little Fiat's original appearance, while improving the cabin quality and adding buttons and switches that resemble those found on old typewriters.

According to Carlex, the car was already on its way to Warsaw earlier this week, from where it was going to be shipped directly to Hanks. For all we know, this 126p is now either still in transit or it may have already been delivered to him.

One thing's for certain: driving this car in California will score you major quirkiness points, regardless of how many bespoke or otherwise special cars are already there.


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