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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dust Cloud Causes Crash In Australia, Car Written Off

This accident is a perfect example of why drivers should slow down when there's poor road visibility of any type, whether it's rain, snow, fog or dust.

Judging by what the dashcam is showing, the car wasn't traveling particularly fast. It was doing between 60 and 65 km/h, but if he had slowed down to around 40km/h tops, it should have helped him stop relatively quickly in the event of an emergency.

Those same numbers show that the driver failed to decelerate fast enough, and maintained his speed as he entered the dust cloud. It's an unfortunate accident that could have been avoided.

"I had been following for 30 minutes and constantly slowing while waiting for dust to clear. The truck stopped on the road but never put on lights or hazards. The dust never cleared like I expected and I saw it too late. I tried to swerve, but still hit him. This resulted in the car being written off. There were no injuries."

As for where and when this happened, it was last week in Normanton, Queensland, which is in Northern Australia. Good thing nobody was hurt.


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