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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Man Selling Rolls-Royce Ghost Not For Gold, But Bitcoins

In case you've always wanted to spend your digital currency on a luxury limousine, this lavish gold Rolls-Royce Ghost might be worth considering.

According to the Auto Trader ad, the private seller willing to let the car go is looking to get paid only in Bitcoin for the equivalent of £117,995 (US$159,600), making this a first for the UK's used car market.

"With the meteoric rise in popularity and value of Bitcoin in recent years, it comes as no surprise that sellers are now attempting to trade this way, it’s a huge trend and currently holds a high value," stated Auto Trader's editorial director, Erin Baker.

"That said, Auto Trader won’t be releasing a ‘search by Bitcoin’ function anytime soon. Our focus is very much on our ‘search by monthly payment’ product that launches next month for car buyers."

As for what makes this car special, other than its badge and eye-catching silky gold body color, there's a 360-degree overhead camera system, active cruise control system, automatic braking, free view television and a "007" license plate.

The seller also claims that this is the only Rolls-Royce on the market with a rear refrigerator and champagne flutes.


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