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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Would You Pay Nine Grand For A 1990 Toyota Century?

If you consider the first-generation Toyota Century to be a somewhat iconic vehicle, then perhaps owning one makes sense for you.

Yet, for everyone else, spending just under $9k on a nearly 28-year old luxury saloon that doesn't even come with a luxury badge, is probably not their idea of a good deal for Black Friday...or any other Friday.

Since this is a 1990 model, we're looking at a first-generation Century, which has actually been around since 1967 - yes, you read that correctly. Sure, there were some changes made along the way, but the car didn't evolve much visually.

Now back to this fine VG40 right-hand drive example: it's for sale on Craigslist and it's said to be in "great all around condition." It also has 46,000 miles (75,000 km) on the odo and comes with power windows and mirrors (one power window doesn't work), auto dimming headlights, a digital dash and air conditioning, among other features.

It's worth mentioning that we saw another Century go for $8,300 last year, and that was a second-generation model from 2000. It had more miles on the clock than this one, but it also had a V12 instead of a V8.


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