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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Chevrolet Spark (2006-2010)

Welcome to our quickie used car reviews, in which we will summarize our car reviews to three sections: the overview of the car, the variant that you should get, and the associated maintenance costs. Links to the full review will be posted here.

2006-2010 Chevrolet Spark

The Good: Can go with ease around town, headroom is decent

The Bad: Engine needs to work hard, limited cabin space

The Say: Rivals outdone this hatch in every aspect.

Go For: 1.0 LT
Avoid: 0.8 badged as Matiz

Price Range: P150,000-P200,000
Our Rating: **

Full Review: Used Car Review - Chevrolet Spark (2006-2010)
Latest vehicle profile: Chevrolet Spark

See the different versions of this vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
If you have heard of a car named Daewoo Matiz, then the Chevrolet Spark will ring a bell to you since they are identical to one another. Although some local examples under the Matiz badge had the puny 0.8 engine which was available at the turn of the millennium, Chevrolet brought in this but utilizing a 1.0 engine which is decent enough.

As a city car, it does provide you lots of headroom but cabin space is something to be desired, since you will have to rub elbows with your front seat passenger whenever you need to shift gears. Interior quality isn't a strength, especially exposed screws and bolts come present. Thankfully, controls are within driver's reach such as the front power windows and manually adjustable mirrors.

Although the standard engine is fuel efficient, it struggles and needs to be worked hard to be on speed. The suspension absorbs all road imperfections and does not transmit to the passengers and the clutch is easy to modulate, though it has the tendency to tip on curves. All around visibility is excellent, thanks to the tall profile.

What Should I Get
Avoid the earlier Matiz models, since the smallish engine will want you for more. If you aim for this model (competitors are better purchases), do take note that the Spark comes in one variant with 65hp 1.0 as standard. Models from June 2007 is what we pick since these add keyless entry, fog lamps, power door locks, and MP3 capability and with the price difference is too little, going for a fully equipped model makes sense. All models get steel wheels, power front windows, CD player, and a rear window defogger.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Unlike Korean and Japanese rivals, parts availability for the Spark isn't that easy especially dealers aren't stocking them plus not much of them exist (the Koreans at least have specialist shops). Fuel consumption is tops though, despite the engine needing to work hard. Problem points for a city car would include those wear and tear items and the alternator.
5 ( 88 ratings )
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