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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blacked-Out BMW i8 Looks Stealthy With HRE Wheels

Despite occupying a market which is continually swelling in size and welcoming various newcomers, the #BMW i8 still lacks a direct rival.

From a price point, it rivals mid-tier Porsche 911s, but from a performance perspective, is about on par with entry-level Neun-Elfers. While it's certainly not the best bang for your buck sports car out there, it does remain unique as the only semi-affordable one to use a hybrid powertrain.

What's more, the i8 offers a futuristic design none of its competitors can match, and when outfitted with a set of aftermarket wheels like this example, looks both mean and sophisticated.

The wheels in question come from HRE and were installed by Florida tuning company Wheels Boutique. While we've become accustomed to seeing bronze and gold wheels adorning all manner of cars in recent times, the simple black finish of these complement the i8's paint scheme perfectly and help give it an undeniably stealthy appearance.


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