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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Carlex Makes The Toyota Tacoma More Rugged Outside, Plusher Inside

The Tacoma is a capable workhorse that can deal with anything you throw at it. It’s also one of the few vehicles that aren't a cross-breed between an off-roader and an urban cruiser, which means it can do wonders when the going gets tough if equipped properly.

A workhorse it might be, but this doesn't mean it can't be opulent, too. At least that's what Carlex thinks, and that's what its proposal for Toyota's pick-up truck is about.

Since it was developed to haul, crawl, and everything in between, the Tacoma’s interior was built to stand the test of time, with rock-solid materials that could be cleaned with ease. Carlex, on the other hand, wrapped every inch of the cabin in fine leather and Alcantara. The newly-added sports seats and the hand rest received their own bespoke treatment with an intricate stitching pattern.

On the outside, the Tacoma’s design has been kept simple and rugged, with add-ons perfect for the off-roading enthusiasts such as a winch, a LED bar and wider fenders. Better make sure you clean up before you get inside, for you wouldn't want to get mud on that Alcantara, though.


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