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Friday, November 18, 2016

Subaru Viziv-7 Is A Map Of Things To Come [w/Videos]

#Subaru gave us an exaggerated view of what will become their new mid-size SUV through the Viziv-7 Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Part of the Japanese car maker’s concept series that preview their future models, the Viziv-7 is described as a “car developed for the enjoyment and peace of mind”.

Visually, you would be forgiven for mistaking it with a compact crossover, since Subaru’s DYNAMIC x SOLID design philosophy conceals its proportions, but the Viziv-7 is about the size of an Escalade, measuring 204.7 inches (5.2 m) in length, 79.9 inches (2 m) in width and 72 inches (1.8 m) in height.

Once you analyze its looks, it becomes clear that nothing can bother you once secluded behind the wheel – judging by the muscular proportions of the concept.

Foretelling a future Subaru SUV, in both size and design, the Viziv-7 also shows the thinking behind the concept. Although the Viziv nameplate is derived from “Vision for Innovation”, the number 7 obviously points to the number of seats available – since the model comes with full three-row seating capabilities.

Subaru wouldn’t say what hides under the Viziv-7’s hood, but we should expect its production variant on the North American Market by 2018.



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