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Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Honda" And "Hyundai" Developing Both Hydrogen And All-Electric Vehicles

#Honda and #Hyundai are remaining committed to developing hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles alongside EVs, in the hope that one of these alternate powertrains will prove to be the way of the future.

Although many automakers are convinced that all-electric is the way forward, Honda and Hyundai aren’t totally convinced and are working on both hydrogen and electric models. By 2020, for example, Hyundai will launch five hybrids, four plug-in hybrids, four all-electric models and one fuel cell vehicle.

Speaking with Automotive News, chief executive of Hyundai Motor America Dave Zuchowski said: “Our position is we don't know what the prevailing technology of tomorrow is going to be. We have to hedge our bets."

Steven Center, the vice president of Honda’s environmental business development office echoed this sentiment: “We've got our money on red, black, odd and even. Long term, the market will tell us what they want. But for now, we're not ready to call anything."

Honda and Hyundai are among just a handful of carmakers to have brought hydrogen models to the market, namely the Tucson Hybrid and Clarity.


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