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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Preston Henn Drops LaFerrari Aperta Lawsuit And Says The NSX Is Better

Preston Henn, the man who sued #Ferrari for not letting him buy a #LaFerrari Aperta, has dropped his lawsuit while claiming that he’s now more interested in the Honda NSX.

For those that don’t know, Henn is a former race car driver and renowned car collector with a standard LaFerrari in his stable. Easily the most exceptional car he owns however is the Ferrari 275 GTB/C chassis No. 6885 which many says is the world’s most expensive automobile, worth up to $100 million.

Despite this, he wasn’t given the chance to purchase a LaFerrari Aperta, even after sending FCA and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne a check with a $1 million down payment. Soon after, a defamation suit was filed against the Italian marque but in an interview with Road and Track, he admitted it had become too costly to pursue.

“After we got all in it, I said, what do you think our odds [of winning] are? And he [Henn’s lawyer] said zero… I said, can we sue them on other things? He said, yes. We're going to sue but on a different thing. Which I don't know yet what it is,” Henn confirmed.

Henn then went on to criticize the LaFerrari coupe after saying he had to call the police to get him out of the car because of how heavy the door is, saying “it is just not a comfortable car.”

As for the NSX, well Henn says it is the best car he’s ever owned, despite the mixed reviews about it.

“In fact, I just sent a letter [to Acura] about how I like the NSX. It is the best damn car I have ever had. It is unbelievable. It is really, really a great car and it is $200,000 versus… well, the last Ferrari I got from them, not the La Ferrari, the last one I got, I forgot what it's called, it was a Spider, whatever it is, but it was $750,000. And this is so much better at $200,000,” Henn said.


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